Grace ...

Yesterday our preacher used an image in his sermon when trying to explain something. He said, imagine that you are a criminal, standing in a court of law before the judge to be sentenced - knowing that the only sentence that will be passed down will be that of death. Now this I can very well imagine due to my legal background and having looked into the eyes of clients waiting to be sentenced. The Judge asks if you have something to say before he hands down judgment and you reply by asking if there is anything - ANYTHING!- you can do to prevent the death sentence. The Judge does not even think a bit he immediately says - "I will put my son in your place - you are free to go ..."

This is what the Lord did for us. Think on this a bit. This image stayed with me - and still it moves me and makes me want to pray each and every minute of the day - "Thank you so much Lord! Thank you ...".

Have an nice day my dear reader.