Relieve stress

This is Stanley, our Jack Russel. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry and he relieves my stress. They say pets relieve stress. We have five other dogs and two horses - mostly they relieve our stress, make us laugh and have us in tears. Sometimes they are naughty - which makes me laugh.
Stanley was not supposed to be in this picture. I was setting up this scene to photograph and use for an invitation to a teaparty - when I turned around to take the shot - there he was sitting - as if he was saying - "I am ready, please take the photo now!" What a treat! I obviously pressed the button quickly before he decided that he's had enough of this sillyness! He can be very fickle. Up to this day it is my favorite picture of him - something that was not planned or orchestrated.
We must remember that. Sometimes the most precious thing in our lives is spontaniety, that thing that happens impulsively and unexpected! Have a nice day, dear reader.