Carpe diem!

All the pictures that is posted on this blog has been taken by me. Today I make an exception. This picture was taken by my dear friend, who is at present living and working in London. She took this picture during her holiday at Brigthon, a little coastal town South of London. In the picture is the old West Pier, which burnt down in 2003. The cause is still unknown, but arson is suspected. It was originally built in 1866, then in 1916 they built the structure in the photo. It used to be a theatre, the West Pier Concert Hall and Theatre. How delightful it would have been to watch a concert on the edge of the pier overlooking the sea! (In my friend's words)

While reading her email and looking at this beautiful picture I realised something. How fortunate we are! See - we met each other when we did belly dancing a time ago - we both wanted to be belly dancers for one year only because we thought it romantic! Both of us also give elaborate garden tea parties where we force our guests to dress in specific ways - because we think it romantic! How many times in your life do you meet somebody with whom you immediately "click"? And then that person must go to the other side of the world!

Which in today's electronically advanced world is not too bad at all! Which made me realise - even though the both of us keep telling each other we should have lived in another day and age - where men were gentlemen and woman were ladies - would that really have been better for us? We sometimes idolize another era because we stare ourselves blind against the problems of this day and age - but did the other eras not also have their share of problems, all of which looked exactly as disturbing and serious as those we face today?

On reflection I realised that the Lord does know best. He puts us in the day and age and setting which would suit us best and where we can do the best for Him!

And the best of all is our reward - now, through my dear friend's eyes I also experience the places she visits and we can talk to each other as frequently as we want - because of the day and age we live in! Have a nice day dear reader.