Good-bye Charlie

I just returned from a week long holiday in Cape Town - it was fantastic. That is the reason I did not post anything for a while. There was so much I wanted to share with you and could not decide where to start - but Charlie decided for me.
Charlie is (was) my mother's Jack Russel - a little dog with his very own personality and quirkiness. I could not find a picture quickly to add - so I added the one I took of some flowers in my garden - as a farewell gift for a brave little dog.
A few months ago he was diagnosed with cancer - and while I was holidaying he passed away (on Tuesday, the last day of September ...). My family kept the information from me in order not to spoil my holiday but told me on our way back home. That is caring for somebody .... I appreciated that.
I could not understand why the Lord would allow something like cancer to happen to an innocent (sometimes!) little dog who brought us laughter, love and fun. I could only come to the following conclusion - the Lord (as always!) wanted to be good to us!(As if we deserve it!) He gave us time to say goodbye to our little dog and prepare ourselves slowly for the day that he wil not be there anymore and I believe that the Lord needed our little dog in Heaven to guard His Angels. We are extremely sad - but know that Charlie is in Good Hands. Thank you Lord. Please look after him.
To Charlie - we miss you dear little friend. Please be good and do not eat to much - you will grow fat.
Good bye Charlie.