Happiness is white and pink according to Thèophile Gautier (Caprices et zigzags). Is happiness not more than colour? Is happiness not an emotional state of wellbeing? Maybe it is. But white and pink (however frivolous it may sound!) IS extremely nice.

Yesterday I had a photo session and wore black and yellow, silver and turquoise and black and pink - all very nice clothes but it just felt as if everything was dragging along - and then (at last!) I put on a white and pink outfit - it was all ribbons and tulle and then everything was alright again! Needless to say that the best pictures are those where I wore the white and pink!

When my sister's first baby (Dominique) was born - we bought only white and pink of everything! Her room was soft pinks and white. Today she insists on wearing only pink! Because, the little three old says - it makes her happy! There you have it. White and pink is happiness, it seems.

When I bake cupcakes I usually decorate them with white and pink icing - I do not know why - I just do. And they always look so soft and eatable. I daresay it makes me happy to bite into a soft, freshly baked, pink decorated cupcake.

Now - even though this is all very frivolous - I do believe that happiness is more than colours and things. Happiness comes from within yourself - the way in which you perceive the world and what you do with all the blessings you have received from the Lord. There are a lot of things that makes me happy - to watch a ladybird, sunflowers, cupcakes, lavender, bees at work, my animals, my family, my sister's two little girls (who are all pink and white!), my husband and many many other things.

In conclusion - He that thinks himself the happiest man, really is so (Charles Caleb Colton - Lacon). So there you are my dear reader - be happy and enjoy your weekend!


Debbie Schulenburg said...

Is happiness not what we are all after? And as the writer said, happiness is pink and white, there you have it, poor boys. Maybe for you we can make it blue and white? No matter what, I believe what the writer wrote, all so true. For me happiness IS pink and white. (Mostly seen in my two girls and of course my own wardrobe!)

The Sunflower and Ladybird Company said...

Thank you dear reader, for the lovely comment. And you have a valid point! Waht about the poor boys! Yes - for them we make happiness blue and white! Have a nice day!