Herb gardening

A while ago a friend begged me to post a picture of my herb garden and I posted a picture of one of my Lavender plants because my herb garden was non-existent at that stage. While searching for another picture I stumbled upon these pictures of my Herb garden (just after I have established it). It still exists today but not with many herbs. The dogs ate my Lemongrass, I used the basil and parsley and did not sow again, instead I planted grass between the concrete slabs and Barberton daisies. The reason? This area is situated underneath the big old oak trees just outside my kitchen door and as you know - herbs are like me - we love the sun! The poor plants suffered and I moved most of them to pots on my veranda at the front of the house - where they are as happy as ducks in the water! Only the Jasmine and Rosemary seems to flourish in these conditions - and they are still here - just much bigger off course! The thing is - one must have herbs - even if to use only in food.

Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician said that "disease of the body itself is nothing but but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. True healing involves treating the very base of the cause of the suffering. Therefore no effort directed to the body alone can do more than superficially repair damage. Treat people for their emotional unhappiness, allow them to be happy, and they will become well."

Tamara Kircher (in her book Herbs for the Soul) say that "it is appropriate that we reach back to the wealth of herbal wisdom from the past, while at the same time looking forward to what we have yet to discover about plant cures for physical diseases and the remarkable healing gifts of herbs for the soul."

I hope this inspires you to start you own herb garden - apart from the fact that you will have fresh herb for food preparation you will enjoy the emotional well being of seeing how your plants grow! And do not only plant herbs for food - plant herbs in pots that smells nice (pen

pennyroyal has a lovely minty flavour and keeps flies at bay!)
Now- enjoy your herbs and have a nice day dear reader!

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