Celebrate life!

I was grading scripts one afternoon on the veranda when I saw this butterfly busily visiting each stem of my Lavender bush. It was a warm, sunny afternoon and I imagined the atmosphere I would experience in a Lavender field in Provence (France) or between vineyards in Paarl or Stellenbosch - and I longed to live in one of those areas where everything seems to be lovely and atmosphere-heavy!
After returning from a very enjoyable holiday in the wine lands - I realised something. It is not where you live - it is what you make of it. You, your friends and family create atmosphere. How you prepare food, set the table, plan your garden, your choice of what to grow in your garden and you create the atmosphere. A lovely house without soul is just a cold brick building. A perfect garden without love, birds, butterflies and dogs is just a another garden. Celebrate the privilege to have a loving family, great friends and obnoxious pets! They make your life worth living - does not matter where you stay! Have a nice day.