Old Mother Nature

George Gordon (Noel), the 6th Lord Byron said: "There is pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society, where none intrudes, By the deep sea and music in its roar: I love not man the less, but Nature more... To mingle with the Universe, and feel what I can ne'er express, yet cannot all conceal." (Childe Harold's Pilgrimage). One particular part of this verse captured my attention - namely "I love not man the less ..." - which for me is sometimes difficult. Allow me to explain: Look around, when you travel en where you live. Everywhere there is Nature - in all her abundant beauty, but where there is beauty there is a human destroying it. Humans who throw cigarette buds out of their motorcar windows and set fire to farmers' lands, people throwing bottles and plastic bags from the car windows! (I was behind two vehicles in the past two past months where this happened!) People walking somewhere and dumping plastic bags, soft drink bottles and other waste just there and then! I get so mad I want to strangle them and worse. Where do they think these things go? Do they realise someone else will have to pick up (at best!) and do they realise the whole scientific process of breakdown and what that does to the Earth? Why is it always only a few people who realise the extent of their actions and trying to do something about it? I guess it has always been thus. If you look at ancient manuscripts - for example "Historia Plantarum" and the "De Causis Plantarum" both written by Greek philosopher Theoprastus in app. c. 320 BC. It was translated into English by Sir A.F. Hort (1916) as The History of Plants and The Causes of Plants and can be found in the Loeb Library. Even then people realised what the Lord has given us in Nature. Everything is their in Nature for us to use - and in the Bible the Lord gave us this to look after - but what do we do? We destroy it!
I think that modern man has become so comfortable that we shall not endure anything which intrudes on this comfort. In South Africa a few years ago we had to take our own shopping bags to the shops - or buy plastic bags. There were numerous newspaper articles and letters from upset people! Can you believe that? I wrote a letter to one of the newspapers. It is pure laziness! I never forget my environment friendly bags and they are handy and much better looking than ugly old plastic bags! What is there to be upset about!?
The above picture was taken early one morning at Clarens in the Free State from the second storey of a Fairytale Castle called "Rapunzel's Castle." Look at what the Lord has given us for free and all He asks is - "Please look after it ...?"
Next time you want to take an action - any action - first think! Consider whether your action is destroying Mother Nature - if so please do not take the action. Have a nice day dear reader.