Technical difficulties!

Today I must notify you about a problem with this blog. I have had numerous requests from people who wanted to know how they should go about posting comments on this blog. When looking into this query I found the following: Theoretically all settings are correct and the "comments" selection should be sitting just under the heading of each posting! Practically it refuses to show itself!
There you have it - technology is suppose to make our lives better and it has taken me up to now a whole day to try and sort out this technical difficulty!
That is why I chose this picture, which I took on our property. I needed calm and serene surroundings to think clearly again after splashing around technical schoogles (this is not a real word - I made it up to demonstrate my level of suffering!)
In any event what I could manage in the meantime is to ad (at the bottom of each posting) a little envelope which means you can email the specific posting to a friend. I advise that in the mean time (until I sort out the schoogles) you use that if you want to comment on one of my postings - just remember to add my email address!
Have a nice day, dear reader.

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The Sunflower and Ladybird Company said...

It seems that "technical difficulties" has now been sorted out! Hooray! If you want to leave a comment just click on the word "comments" which is now at the bottom of each postings and leave your comment!