Lemon Juice Recipe

Today I have a lot of work to do (not to mention that I am extremely behind working on my manuscript!) - so I decided I must motivate myself. I carried a big table outside and placed in the middle of my huge garden under the trees with their bright green new leaves. I can see the horses in the fields from where I sit and all six my dogs are lounging around me on the luscious green grass. This morning I made a pot of fresh pineapple juice and baked muesli biscuits - both of which is also next to me on the table! Now I shall start working with all earnest!

We have so much to be thankful for - but most days we do not realise it. I am totally aware of the fact of how fortunate I am - to be able to do work in the middle of a beautiful garden, health, friends, wonderful husband and family.

Maybe we should all look around us today - but really look! - and see the flowers, hear the birds, take in the brilliant bright green of new grass, the soft, inviting blue of the clear skies (which allows me to work outside today!) - and make a pot of fresh fruit juice, bake healthy biscuits and take out a few minutes to just be really thankful for what you have.

I include a refreshing recipe for lemon juice - I got this recipe from my sister's German mother in law and it really is the best one I have ever tasted!

Ingredients: 1 litre of pure lemon juice ; rind of about 8 lemons(grated); 2.5kg sugar; 1,5 litre boiling water; 25 g English salt; 25 g citric acid.
Pour everything together and leave overnight . Pour in bottles.

You can pour it through a sieve when filling the bottles - but I do not do that - I like the bits of lemon and lemon rind in the juice. There is nothing better to serve with a Sunday afternoon al fresco lunch than this juice with ice cold soda water and ice. Enjoy your day dear reader!