About books (again!)

Yes I know that I have already had a posting entitled "The pleasure of reading a good book" and this is actually just a commentary on that posting. The reason? Remember my friend in England? She sent me an email where-in she commented on a specific part in that piece - here are her words (which I really want to share with you all): In 'The Pleasure of Reading a Good Book', you made a reference to the book burning in Germany. I was at the very memorial site to mark the happening of that event. In the square where the burning took place is a library in the ground. It is covered with a piece of glass and you look down into the library. The shelves of the library are empty to serve as a reminder of all the books that were destroyed. What a poignant reminder!
Dr Samuel Johnson said that a man will turn over half a library to make one good book - how true! I know before I write anything I do research - and many times the research takes two times longer than writing the book!
Find a good book to read my dear reader and enjoy it - remembering how many work went into the writing of that book. Have a nice day.

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