He looks down on us ...

This picture was also taken at the holiday house - it just looks as if God opened up a bit of clouds to see what we are doing. My guess is that He would be extremely sad.

I have just received the most disturbing email from a dear friend, who knew I would be immensely angry when I read it. Tammy (a dog) was burned by her owners because she jumped over the fence. They put her in her little doghouse and set it alight! Can you believe that! Firstly the poor animal will not understand why they are hurting her and secondly - oh! I am just so mad I can not even write!

I have this tendency to utter really vicious and ugly things with regard to these people - but for today I will just say (one of my students , also an avid animal lover - always said this) - May the Lord show these people the same mercy that they have shown Tammy. I wish this from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!

The Lord put us on earth to look after His creation (and what a beautiful creation it is!) - but what do we do? We litter, we burn, we pollute, we kill and this list can go on and on!

I am just to upset to write anything that will make sense - Please have a nice day dear Reader and remember - God is watching us ...

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