Home-made food

"He bringeth forth grass for the cattle: and green herb for the service of men; That he may bring food out of the earth, and wine that maketh glad the heart of man: and oil to make him a cheerful countenance, and bread to strengthen man's heart. The trees of the Lord also are full of sap: even the cedars of Libanus which he hath planted." (Psalm 104: 14)
When last have you enjoyed God's gifts? I mean really enjoy? When last have you tasted a freshly picked tomato, baked warm by the sun? A strawberry, picked by yourself from your own garden? It just tastes different from any bought product.
These days you can buy packets of "instant-anything". Muffin-mixes - just add milk and an egg, Sauce - just add water and so forth.
Two years ago I started reading the etiquette on these "instant" products. WOW! Then we wonder why people die of cancer these days! There are more preservatives than any other ingredient in any ready-made food.
I think our taste buds have become dull. Consider the following (and I promise you - I started out by trying this myself - and today I am hooked!): It will take a few minutes longer to make your own sauce (rather than buy the ready made packet!) - but the result is worth it! For example - Black Peppercorn sauce - make a basic white sauce and just add (to taste) garlic, salt and freshly ground black ( I prefer mixed) peppercorns. Et voila! You will never buy the ready made version ever again - it will taste like cardboard. And you will save money! It is much cheaper to buy only natural (God-given) ingredients than walking the supermarket's isles and buying loading your trolley with packets of ready - made things.
Try real butter in you food - you taste the difference! Make your own breakfast juice. My all-time favourite? In the blender of a food processor place 6 or 7 big fat juicy strawberries(or any mixed berries) , add a teaspoon of sugar and a cup of ice cold water - blend and drink. Healthy, no preservatives! The same goes for pineapples, peaches, grapes etc.
Have you ever tried making your own mayonnaise instead of buying bottles of mayonnaise in the shops? It is so easy and quick and you will never ever again eat ready made mayo which, after tasting the real thing!, will taste like box.
If you must buy something buy a bread machine. Bread sold by shops (in 90% of the cases) are filled with preservatives to make them last longer. If you eat a lot of bread - you will notice you always feel bloated and slightly ill after you have consumed a few slices of this bread. You will not have this problem with home baked bread. Have you ever smelled a freshly baked bread just from the oven? Spread with butter and home made fig jam! The goodness of the earth!
Bake your own biscuits - use natural ingredients and put them in beautiful, colourful tins. And it is therapeutic as well! Make your own pasta! Have you ever had fresh pasta? Making the dough with fresh eggs and flour - kneading it and putting it through the pasta maker (if you do not have one - roll it out thin and cut with a knife - just as good!). I am telling you - you will seriously considering leaving it out the sauce (which of course you will also make from scratch!). Just try this one. My non-flop pasta recipe: 300grams of flour and three eggs(at room temperature). Mix and knead until elastic and does not cling to your hands anymore. If it is to soft - add flour - to tight - add water. Good luck. Let me know how it went!
The thing is you will not get ill by making and using fresh ingredients - but it will taste so nice and different to your dull taste buds that you will have to use an iron fist to control yourself - you run a real risk to get very fat!
So my dear Reader - enjoy your week and try at least one non-instant dish this week!

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