I would like to make this blog more interactive. Therefore you will notice on the right hand side of this posting that a new "gadget" was introduced - it gives the option to follow this blog, or be entered as a regular follower etc. Please feel free to make use of this option. I have had problems to make the comment-option available ( in this regard I refer you to previous posts) - that has been fixed. I would love for my readers to use that option as well. Also a little envelope was added at the bottom of each posting if you like to email a specific posting to someone.

Thank you to everyone who regularly comments on this blog by using my email as well as those readers who comment personally! I do appreciate and enjoy your feedback! This makes the publishing of postings worthwhile! You are all precious to me.

In the mean time - enjoy your weekend and the above picture! Since it is almost time for holidays in South Africa I thought this would put us all in the mood! The picture was taken from the veranda of the holiday house. Have a nice day dear reader.

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