Labore est orare

"To work is to pray." This is the translation to the title and a traditional motto of the Benedictine order. I am sure many of us do not feel that way. But still - we do work because in II Thessalonians ch 3, v. 10 it is written that "If any would not work, neither should he eat." As simple as that. Yet - we do not realise how fortunate (especially in today's economic climate- we are if we have a job and a well paying one at that.)

This morning on Al Jazeera Network they had an interview with a pirate. On a question - why he turned to pirating - he answers that his family must eat. He is a fisherman - but due to pollution and economic development - he cannot fish anymore and his family is starving so he attacks the very big companies who are causing the pollution and the development. Yes, it is not right to go a pirating! But is this not a great example of how everything everyone does influences something and somebody else and why we must all take each other in consideration before we do something!

Yet - we still have people who have good jobs - but they just do not care to do it properly - and are just happy to let other people do their jobs as well! I have had to deal with this issue three times in the past day! The most serious of which was when an employee of a huge company lost one of the application forms for an important job - the applicant was wondering why she heard nothing and enquired - just to be told that they never received her form! She told the manager that she did hand it in and where she handed it in - on questioning this particular employee she admitted that she remembers the lady handing in her form "but as everyone can see - it is not here now!" (Her words).

Then we have the other side of the coin - people who work to hard! I have a good friend in Johannesburg (South Africa) who says at the end of his life he would not want to look back and say that he wish that he spend more time with his family. He says that he works hard but do not linger unnecessary - his family is important to him. Bertrand Russel said that one of the symptoms of approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important, and that to take a holiday would bring all kinds of disaster. People in the legal profession can probably attest to the truth of this statement - all bad things happen to your clients when you are out of reach! But on a serious note - there is truth in the statement.

It seems then - that with all things in life there must be balance - but above all be thankful for the job that you have and that you need not turn to piracy, prostitution or thieving to be able to eat! Thank the Lord for you precious job. Have a nice day dear reader.

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