Your Precious Body

"Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost", says the Bible (1Corinthians ch. 6, v. 19). And yet many, many people disregard this fact and abuse their own bodies, not to speak about abusing other people's bodies.
I have had a discussion with a social worker - the stories she told me was unbelievable. A grandfather who rapes his nine year old granddaughter every night, with the grandmother's knowledge, because if he uses and abuses the granddaughter he leaves her alone! She is nine years old!!!! An 11-year old girl does not concentrate in school - the teacher calls her in - the girl asks if she could just sleep a while and have headache tablets - WHY? Because her father rapes her over weekends. My heart calls out "Oh God! Why?" She is eleven!!!
A friend's daughter is a doctor at a big hospital in Capetown. She tells how patients come in with constipation problems - because they are addicted to a drug called "tik". They are so constipated they cannot walk, because of the pain! She explains that this drug also has a serious effect on the brain - one father rapes and abuses his daughter - but he does not know or care!
Smoke - what a horrid habit. I do not have to spell out all the bad things it causes to your body - we all know and yet - many people still smoke - and worse than that - in the presence of their children! Many times these children have constant sinus and other breathing illnesses - and the parents ask - Why? BECAUSE YOU SMOKE! Do you not read the warning on the package? SMOKE CAUSES HARM. It has been scientifically proven that 90% of all babies who die silently in their sleep is due to the fact that the mother smoked or inhaled second hand smoke during her pregnancy. On smokers I can write books. In South Africa we now have legislation which states that each restaurant must have a separate area which must be completely partitioned off from the rest of the restaurant were smokers may sit and smoke. This is probably that their smoke does not bother the non-smokers. Problem is - few restaurants have this partition. I expect smokers to be more considerate. Why do the non-smokers (who value our health) be forced not to go to restaurants because we do not want to inhale their sad second hand smoke! Why do we have to try and enjoy an expensive dinner at a restaurant through waves of filthy second hand smoke? I am sorry - but I do believe that smokers are selfish and inconsiderate.
Alcohol abuse - somebody very near and dear to me was in a serious car accident a few years ago due to the fact that the other driver was driving his huge SUV under the influence of alcohol - she almost died - had to rebuild her live from scratch - and all due to one person's selfish habits! Each year thousands of people die on our roads - because of drivers driving under the influence of alcohol.
When are people going to realise - their bodies are God's temples - why do they want to abuse this wonderful creation by smoking, consuming exorbitant amounts of alcohol or use drugs? WHY? I do not understand.
Please - look after your body during this festive season - and while you are smoking, drinking and using drugs - consider this: What is Christmas really about and what are you doing to your body - and to the people around you.
Have a nice day dear Reader.

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