It's Christmas!

"And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins." Matthew 1:21
It is the most festive of all seasons - this holiday that exists because God gave the world his only son, to save us. Thus - it is also the saddest season of all - because not everyone believe this very important message, but they still celebrate Christmas!
Today Christmas is about goodwill (nothing wring with that, but why is goodwill so prominent only during this time?), gifts, carols and holiday. Children cannot wait for Christmas Eve to open their gifts. Most houses will have Christmas trees and decorations, exquisite food and many more.
But please do pause a moment and reflect on Christmas - the real reason for Christmas, why we should really celebrate Christmas. Because the Lord gave us His only Son to die for our sins. We celebrate this very important gift we have received - therefore we give each other gifts to remember. We have Christmas trees with a huge star at the top to remind us about the three wise men who found their way to God because of the bright star - therefore we put a star on our trees to remind us that God is our Saviour and compass. Trust in Him and all be as He intends. We have lights in our Christmas trees to remind us to be lights in a dark world to those who have not heard this important message.
I take this opportunity dear reader, to wish you a happy, peaceful and loving Christmas. May you experience the love of God in all its richness. Thank you for reading my postings through the year - I look forward to share my thoughts with you again, next year. May God bless you ...

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