A while ago I received an email from a friend who had to take her dog to the vet to put to sleep - he was extremely old. And at the vet the little boy said to his mother that he knows why dogs live shorter than people - because they are born good and does not have to become good!

Is that not a valuable lesson to learn? We can learn a lot from the way animals behave. A dog is always glad to see you, a dog is always happy and thankful when he receives something and always thank you by licking. When you leave the house he waits patiently for your return and when you turn up he does not scold you for being away so long and returning up late!

The accompanying picture was taken at my home in the duck pond. There were three lovely babies. One after the other they died. My heart was breaking in pieces. When only one was left the mother watched over it as if it were a piece of gold and then ... Hitler (how aptly we named him!) - one of our dogs (he really is only a flower child with a soft spot for baby ducks!) kept watch and when this last little yellow bundle of feathers came near the fence, he made a hole underneath and killed it ... The mother and father duck was upset. For a day they wandered everywhere , looking for this last one, but alas ... And then - they pulled themselves together and glided serenely on their little pond, when Hitler came near they started quacking. My heart is still breaking - they were such little darlings.

And Hitler? He got a good talking to and with his tail between his legs he went to his bed and lay there for a full 5 minutes. By that time it was clear that he thought that he was now vindicated! He came to me, licked me and waggled his tail! I was so sad and so mad at him, but who could ignore that vitality!

Maybe we all really can learn from animals. Always be happy when you see someone you love - you never know if it is the last time ever you will see them. Always be sad when someone special leaves. Always be thankful for what you receive - there are those who do not have as much. Make amends if you have hurt someone - be really sorry - but then live goes on. Be vital, live healthy and be happy. Love with all you have and appreciate everything you have.

I do appreciate you all my dear readers. Please have a nice day.

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Linda S. Socha said...

What a lovely and sad post. I would have felt much the same. Your blog is beautiful and I like it. It has such a nice feel about it.

I would like to invite you to exchange blog following links with me if you have an interest? With your permission, I have entered my name to follow your blog hoping you will do the same with mine. Please stop by Psyche Connections for a visit. I will look forward to it