The New Year

My Dear Reader - I so wanted to start this year on a positive note! But here we are again - and we had to deal with SELFISH PEOPLE. Let me explain. As you know by now me and my family are animal lovers. We have pets. Furthermore my parents chose to build their holiday (retirement house) in a green (conservation) area. We have all kinds of buck and birds visiting our garden. What a privilege. So you would just assume that everyone who builds a house in this area (were you have numerous signs which read "We are a conservation serious community" and "Please watch out for endangered species" to mention but two.) would also be nature lovers. Do not assume ...
Old year's day always is the worst night of the year - I hate it with a passion! Why? Fireworks! Do not misunderstand - I love watching fireworks as much as the next person - if the firing thereof is within the rules! In South Africa nobody may fire fireworks in a suburban area. You may only fire it in a public area IF you have a licence and notified all people in the vicinity that fireworks will be fired. Should you fire it outside this rules it is a criminal offence - not that this seems to be a problem for most!
On the 31st we (my parents, me, my husband and my sister and her husband and their two baby girls as well as all our dogs) went to bed at approximately 22H20. At 24h15 we were woken by sounds which sounded like bombs. From inside it looked as if we were in the middle of an extreme lighting storm. The sound was something terrible and for those of you who do not know - a dog hears four times better than a human. Instantly our dogs was terrified. My sisters baby girl woke with a start and was physically ill. This baby is 9 months old, for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!
My husband and brother in law ( dressed only in boxer shorts!) immediately went outside to see what was going on - only to notice that it is our neighbours firing these awful things! And not just "crackers" but the professional type of huge fireworks! Another important thing to note is that fireworks is highly flammable - all around our house, on the beach there are trees which is know as Port Jacksons - they burn like twigs with the slightest spark! But these stupid people were ignoring the law and everything else! These people were firing the damn things over our house's roof - all of it exploded above our house! And the flaming debris landed in the Port Jacksons which surround our house!
My husband (an advocate) called the woman down. She said her name was Fatima (a lie probably!) and that she did not know that her children bought these things! I ask you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In any event - we all got to bed at 02h30 on the morning of the 1st of January 2009. At 03h00 we could still not sleep since that baby was crying and our dog started to hyperventilate. We had to take him out of the house and drive around with him until about 4h30.
What a lovely start to the new year - all because one selfish person and her children contravened the law. This year I will try to change that stupid act. Currently it says that if someone contravenes this act they can be punished by going to jail for 12 months or pay a fine of R600.00. I am sorry but the trouble we went through does not correlate to this punishment at all. I think this act should state that people must also be prohibited to buy and sell fireworks if they do not have the proper licence as stipulated by the act and should they contravene these stipulations they must be forced to donate at least R2000.00 to the Animal Anti Cruelty Fund or the SPCA and they must also work at least 12 hours community service at the SPCA.
Leave the dogs and babies aside. I mentioned earlier on that the house is in a green area - what about all the birds and wildlife? After this fireworks episode we did not see any birds or buck in our garden until we left for home. What does that tell you?
And then these people have the audacity to be mad at us. And we were not the only people who went to their house that night! My husband and brother in law arrived together with another person also living in this green area. I sincerely hope that by some weird coincidence this woman and her children read this.
And on this angry note my Dear Readers I would like to wish you all a very good new year and sincerely hope that yours started of much better than mine! I look forward to writing for you this year and hope that all my writings will be much more positive!
Have a prosperous new year my valued reader.
P.S On the photo above Stanley hiding from the heat in the periwinkle.

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The incidence of the cracker and the great noise you referred is quite unbearable one. However we in India are used to such noises, as during festivals no one listens for other's feeling and go on doing noises of every kind: the outbursting loud-speakers, ear-deafening crackers, sleep-snatching band parties etc.

Myself being a lawyer in a High Court, I am very much disturbed by such practices. But in a plural society like ours, we are pulling it on.

Naval Langa