Take time for yourself

With the New Year started and everybody well on their way to hectic lives again - take a moment for yourself and make a positive decision to take time for yourself. Why?

Ann Taylor (1782-1866) and Jane Taylor (1783-1824) [English writers of books for children] said in Rhymes for the Nursery(1806) "The Way to be Happy" - "How pleasant it is, at the end of the day, No follies to have to repent; but reflect on the past, and be able to say, that my time has been properly spent."

How very important and right they were! Lee Iacocca said in his autobiography: "In times of stress and adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and energy into something positive." [1986].

The thing is - if you are always busy with work and keeping other people happy you become an unhappy, stressed individual who nobody will like. You need time to recharge your energy levels - and the best way to do that is take time for yourself and do something you enjoy doing. Paint a picture, write a short story, bake pink cup cakes, sit in the garden and listen to the birds, watch your dogs play, take a good book, lie down in the garden on a huge blanket and read for an hour. Take artful pictures - set up scenes, give your imagination free range. Go to an art exhibition or the zoo.

I used to think that to do things like these is a waste of time and can be much better spent working. But I was wrong. I believe that if you have taken 1 hour a day to do something that you enjoy it makes you feel good and happy - and your attitude towards other people will reflect that happy state of being!

But remember whatever you choose to do - put your soul into it because remember - it is your time and your soul, body and mind is recharging for the hectic day to come. But also remember - when you work you must also put your soul into it - because it is as the Taylor sisters said - it is good to look back on a day and be able to say that you did not waste time! There is a difference between taking time for yourself and wasting time!

Have a nice day dear reader and enjoy your energy recharging time!

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