Today I want to hide away and live in a land where everything is beautiful and everyone is good and only positive things happen. Today I want to create my own Fairyland and just stay there - where no telephone can ring and nobody can bother me.
I want to live in a land where people love each other as God has intended and respect each other. Where people's deeds are not measured by money. Where people sit next to a cobblestone road, under an apple tree and just enjoy the smells, sounds and conversation of travellers.
Where we do not need to battle with technology, complex legal rules and the overwhelming noise of mass media and marketing.
Where we can walk, safely, along a winding road, with a heart light as a feather and contemplate how to get to the world behind the clouds - there where the sun allows its most beautiful rays to touch the wispy softness of the clouds and turn them into a world of soft pinks, lilacs and yellows.
I want to live somewhere where everyday is a sunny balmy day with ladybirds and butterflies and the cloudy and rainy days is filled with tea and cakes and stews, made from fresh produce and lots of cream and sugar. Where the frogs will come out and serenade us in the evenings when the rain has stopped and the crickets provide the background music.
This is where I want to be today - in this Fairyland.
I hope that today, you all find your own piece of Fairyland ... Have a nice day my Dear Reader.
P.S. The picture was taken a a year or so ago for my sister's little baby girl - I made her an electronic fairytale and used these pictures of her favorite dolls.



You have notable lucidity in writing; your prose is moving like the lines of a beautiful poetry.

I am very much thankful to you for your lovely comment on my paintings.

Naval Langa

Femin Susan said...

I liked the way of your writing.it is like something hidden in every word of yours.

The Sunflower and Ladybird Company said...

Dear Susan

Thank you very much for the kind comment - it is deeply appreciated. And thank you for visiting my blog. have a nice day!

The Sunflower and Ladybird Company said...

Dear Naval

Always good to hear from you especially when I want to eat you sweet words! Thank you so much - it is a much appreciated comment! And it is always a pleasure to visit your blogs! I am on my way there now! Have a nice day!