Who does not love rain? Who does not love the sound of rain on a roof? In the Bible (1 Kings ch. 18, v. 41) it says "There is a sound of abundance of rain." And we have been so fortunate this past month to receive an abundance of rain. Everything is green - all shades of green. There are wild duck in the ponds on the property. At night the sound of frogs frolicking in the dark permeates the silence. Crickets loudly call each other to mate. The nature has come alive! Water is life giving in more sense than one.
I am busy to sundry tomatoes. And I can't wait to taste and use the product of hours of sun drying - but each day the sun disappears behind friendly, promising grey clouds - and the tomatoes move indoors. And then it starts - first softly and inviting - baby raindrops that temp you outside - then the parents come, they chase the babies away - and huge, party- animal raindrops dance and play everywhere - until huge puddles of liquid silver is all that is left behind. And GREEN. And freshness and life! And all the promising grey clouds is wasted - only the soft, cotton like whit fluffy ones are left. And tomorrow - nothing - just a clear blue sky - promising a day of sunshine to dry the tomatoes.
And we thank God from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful waters from the sky - He knows when we need it most and He will provide - as with everything else in our lives.
Have a nice day dear Reader.
P.s. Picture was taken this weekend on our property just after a baby rainstorm!

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