The Big Scary World

A week after we returned from Mozambique my husband was ill. Two days after we returned we also had no water supply to our house. It was a Friday evening - I was sure he was dehydrated and I got really worried. We live outside town and had no water supply. Then the electricity supply failed. So in short - I had a sick husband no water and no electricity. So I phoned my mother-in-law - she is a wonderful lady and immediately offered to bring us medication for dehydration - since she had available. Without thinking I immediately said that she could not do that. The road (I might add goes through a suburb) she had to take has in the last few months became notorious for the amount of hijackings that takes place there. I was worried that something may happen to her on her way to our house and with their being no electricity! Needless to say - the brave lady did bring the medication and my husband was fine - she reached her house safely. On the Sunday morning we went to a supermarket. On our way in we merely sidestepped a young man who came running from the shop, followed by security. I heard one guard telling another that the man stole something. Now you may be wondering why I am telling you this. Be patient - one more story. A friend of mine's husband works in Oman. She lives in a townhouse in Bloemfontein with her two children ( aged 2 and 4). They are some of the fortunate people in this bad economic times that they CAN buy a lovely house. But - says my friend- they can't, since it is not safe for her to live in a big house alone with the children when her husband is away. It is much safer in the security complex where she currently lives. So she has to content with the fact that other people (criminals, none the less!) make her decisions for her.
Here is why I am boring you with these mundane everyday stories. I did not realise the kind of lives we have been living in South Africa. Do not misunderstand me - I still think we have the most beautiful country in the world and that we have in most instances better lives than other people around the world - the point I am trying to make is this: Service delivery is non-existent and crime is out of control. But we have adapted without realising and are happily leading our lives. When I realised that - I started to get really depressed and for the past month have been nagging my husband to agree that we emigrate somewhere else.
And then the Lord heard my lamenting and this morning in church our preacher gave a lovely sermon! In short - Christ never promised His children a life of happiness and no sadness. We have no right to anything - what we do have is the surety that whatever happens to us - our Father is with us and as Christians we shall have an eternity of happiness. And also - it does not help us to look at what other people (christian and non-christian) have and how happy their lives look. That makes us only feel bitterness - the Lord gives us each something and for that we should be thankful and live our lives with happiness in our hearts. Nothing through the ages have ever changed - because humans did not change. We do not have worse times now than the people had 100 or 200 years ago. Everything is the same.
I hope this posting has lifted your spirit as mine was lifted in church today. Have a nice day Dear Reader.
P.S The picture was taken at Sodwana Bay in South Africa (almost on the border with Mozambique) on the beach. If a butterfly could happily live it's life - how much more can we not? We do not merely consist of a small body and flimsy wings .... We are so much more.

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