This morning I sit in front of the computer - I can barely see the screen. Shorty is dead. Gone - he will never ever run around again, wag his tail when he sees me or barks when he thinks something means harm to me. He will never again force himself into the smallest space on the couch - just to be near me. He will never ever sit next to his water bowl and drink water and he will never again try to catch the big birds in the field again. He once got lost - he was going after something and he lost his way in the long grass and big trees - and I was looking for him for 15 minutes and when he heard my voice he came running towards me. I was so relieved - that time I got him back. Only that time ...

He was a very special little dog. He had a special place in many people's hearts but he was only borrowed to us for a short while - I should have known that - nothing as special as him is ever for always. For a short while he was with us - he was quirky and naughty and sweet - all at once. He was a little manipulator but all he ever wanted was to receive as much love as he could lay his little paws on - and he was prepared to fight for that if necessary.

I do not know how I will get through this day or any other without him. I miss him so much - I am so tired of crying. O Dear Lord - I do miss hom so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe he is with the Lord in Heaven - Please Lord look after him. He gets cold easily at night - please keep him warm. He likes to bark at night for imagined danger - please allow him to do that just once in a while. He hates getting wet. Please do not let him walk in rain - give him a special warm and dry place to sleep. Please can't I just say goodbye to him? I just want to hold his soft, fat warm body once more and see those magnificent little eyes of his sparkle with life. Just once ....

It is not to be. Will never be - he is gone from this world for ever. Never to make us laugh again and get mad at his naugtyness again. Good bye my dear little Shorty. I loved you more than you can ever know and I will miss you very much. I hope you knew that ... Good bye Shorty.

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