Beatrix Potter said in The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902): "Don't go into Mr McGregor's garden: your father had an accident there, he was put into a pie by Mrs McGregor." I experience so many emotions when I read this excerpt from her story - every single time. Did you ever read Miss Potter's books? Or look at her drawings? She had imagination! And lots of it.
Can you imagine what this animal on the picture thinks? With imagination you can write a story about his adventures! I took this picture in July 2006 right in front of our holiday home (which in near future will not be our holiday home anymore but my parents' permanent home).
Have you ever made time to sit and watch ducks when they play in the water? You can imagine the conversations (and fights!) they have. We have lovely ibis-birds (the ones with the metallic feathers) in our garden. They walk around stately and then sing like fishwives when you disturb them!
Then there is our dogs. Now only five of them - but by just looking at them you can see how their internal hierarchy operates and I can imagine millions of exciting stories where they can speak. To not even speak about the horses. When Xavier looks at me with those big black eyes and long lashes I can just imagine what naughtiness he is contemplating - Kasim on the other hand - has this big soft dark brown eyes - indulgent, patient and loving. What an animal - but he has that warning look in his eyes when he nudges the dogs!
With a little imagination you can spruce up any room in your house, set a table for that special occasion with the bare minimum of stuff and give gifts that mean something which is wrapped with a lot of imagination and few other things!
What am I trying to tell you? I am trying to say that with imagination you can make your life better - even more exciting! You can prepare food with imagination and present it with imagination! Imagination is fun and it keeps boredom at bay!
Have a nice and imaginative day my Dear Reader.

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