Relax. The title is not meant to be interpreted symbolically - but literally. It is winter in our part of the world. I have had enough of bad news and sadness to last me a while. I had to open my eyes again and see the world and the people around me.
And I see that overnight winter has sneaked in - literally. The last day I spend with Shorty was summer - and the very next day I put on winter's clothes. This is how winter came upon us this year.
I am a summer and spring person. Winter is not really my favorite season - but as all other things the Lord has given us winter as well because it is good.
Look around you. Winter gives us red and orange and bright yellow leaves (three of my favourite colours!), happy fires in fireplaces when it is cold and dark outside and the wind howls around the corners of our old house. Winter gives us wholesome soup and healthy, home baked bread and decadent hot chocolate! Warm beds with lots of pillows and soft blankets and glorious leather boots! Spicy curry and rice and that lazy afternoon in the warm sunshine before the afternoon cold sneaks up on you! A warm cup of tee with friends around a table laden with chocolate cake and quiche.
This is winter. One of my friends almost died during the time I was absent, as well and in this time I learned that we must really live and enjoy each day to the full - whether it be cold winter or hot summer. Appreciate everyone and every day. Thank you for reading my blog. Have a nice day dear Reader.


Linda S. Socha said...

Living everyday as it comes. ...so true. Great Post. I hope you find much warmth in your winter

Anonymous said...

Hi my liewe en vriendelike suster. Jy het 'n baie oulike blog. Sal mettertyd alles lees wat jy skryf. Bly so oulik soos jy nou is. Eks baie lief vir jou.