I have been itching to post this picture for a while now - and every time I just do not have words to go with the picture - today I do have words for the picture! Friday evening I saw my niece (she will know who she is - or rather which of my nieces it is I am referring to) and when I think of her I think of pink. She inspired me to write this piece - see someone treated her badly (and I am of the opinion that she did not deserve to be treated like that!) and I was thinking of ways to get back at these people who treated her thus. But Sunday in church our preacher said : What would Jesus do?" And I had my answer. No need to get back at anybody - even though their conduct is blameworthy. She is a much better person than they are and she must always stay as she is - sweet, loving and friendly. She will never treat anybody bad and maybe they will learn from her goodness!
I cannot understand why anybody would want to cause anybody sorrow or hurt anybody. Maybe these people did not intend hurting anybody - but were purely acting selfishly. Point is they not only hurt my niece - but also her parents and worst of all - my dad. When I saw the sadness in his eyes I wanted to tell these people exactly what I thought of them - but it is not necessary.
Teach by example. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?
And that my dear Reader is our answer. If ever you are not sure of the way to go - ask this question and you will have your answer. Have a nice day.

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