I walk down the streets of a small historical town called Pilgrims Rest in Mpumalanga in South Africa and I imagine what it would have been like walking there in the beginning - when it was a diggers' village. In the days of yore...
Upon return I had to buy groceries - the yoke of many (if not all) modern households - because we (meaning the modern people) cannot live without their Woolworths, Pick n Pay or Checkers hyper. We are not used to making things or getting along without stuff. When we need something we go to the nearest shop and buy it.
And then I look at the items for sale on the shelves in the grocery store. All instant products. Sauce in a packet, half prepared chicken (yes!) in a bag, ready made pasta sauces in bottles, even worse - ready made soups in cans or powder in packets! All kinds of sauces in bottles. When last did you make your own cheese sauce or white sauce? Smell the butter melting in the pan, see the milk bubble, watch the magic as the cheese melts into the sauce or sneeze when you grind your own peppercorns to prepare pepper sauce. Eat only food that is in season (and you will also spare many gold coins in the process!). When have you last tasted warm homemade bread straight from the oven - smothered in real butter and homemade fig jam? Or honey? When oh when ....?!
Alas - it is not meant to be for many - because of time constraints. If you go to the nearest shop today you can buy a ready made meal (including dessert and side dishes) in boxes and packets - and you could have a gourmet meal in minutes (literally). What many don't realise is this: How do you think those products stays fresh for such long periods of time? One word - Preservatives! Which is not really good for you - not as good as good old sugar and salt (in moderation of course!) and so forth.
And we have become lazy - and extremely comfortable. Why bake a bread if you can choose from hundreds at the nearest shop? Why get up a few minutes earlier each morning and press your own fruit juice instead of buying any one of hundreds of flavours on the shelf?
Treat yourself - try a little bit a once - make your own fruit juice (it is healthier and tastier!), bake a bread once a week, make your own soup (there is nothing easier!) and prepare your own sauces - see how you save money and your taste buds would love you to bits!
When last did you make a fire in the living room fireplace and made an old fashioned cup of tea (on a tea tray with lumps of sugar or a pot of honey - using your best china) and read a book - instead of switching on the air conditioning and television set. We modern people miss out on a lot of real life experiences by allowing ourselves to be swept away on clouds of an unhealthy, surreal world. Fight back, take your life back from the marketers and enjoy old fashioned pleasures - at least once a week!
Now my dear Reader - I am back after I was out of town for a while - thank you for reading - and please feel free submit further suggestions to relive the days of yore! Have a nice day - enjoy baking your bread and also your cup of tea!


Linda S. Socha said...

I love your posts! I come here for these fun, upbeat and gentle reminders to SLOW DOWN. Sometimes it actually works for a bit. I have begun making soup. It is actually fun. If you have a easy recipe to share I would enjoy it!

Flores Hayes said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag

The Sunflower and Ladybird Company said...

Thank you very much Flores (panda fanatic). Thank you for reading and the wonderful comment - be sure - it is appreciated. Regards to your roommate as well! Sunflower.

The Sunflower and Ladybird Company said...

Linda - thank you again and always! The other two recipes are on their way. Have a fabulous day! Sunflower.