I have not been here for a while now - and I missed you all, my readers. A while ago someone I know wrote the following: "I am pondering the meaning of the word friendship." I was quick to reply "Love comes from blindness but friendship from knowledge." I read that somewhere. And then I too started pondering the meaning of the word "friendship". And as any good lawyer I attacked books - to do research on the subject. I found the following, to begin with. "To like and dislike the same things, that is indeed true friendship.", said Sallust, that well known Roman Historian. But alas, though it may be a good starting point (or simply a point!) I thougt there must be more, much more. And then I saw that the Russian novelist and poet (1814 - 41) said that "Of two close friends, one is always the slave of the other." I am still pondering the true repercussions and meaning of that statement!
The Bible (Proverbs ch. 17 v. 17) says that "A friend loveth at all times, ..." In my opinion I felt that I have with this small sentence discovered the secret of true of friendship. Did not Chesterton say (1905) that "We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next-door neighbour?" Another secret to friendship revealed!
I do not believe in fate. I believe everything happens with and for a purpose. What we do with each opportunity reveals something about ourselves. Thus - I do believe that certain people is thrown across your path with a purpose. I believe that from each new person you meet you must take away something - they must enrich your live (even it is just by saying something that sticks or learning from them a valid lesson) but you must also always give of yourself, however small a token. And sometimes from such an insignificant meeting, a friendship is born. Special and long lasting.
One can have many friends - but only one true friend, has been said. I do not agree! Each friend has a different (and important )meaning and worth. You need different friends to enrich your own life on different levels, whereby in turn you can enrich other peoples lives. You can not enrich if you do not receive currency to convert to enrichment!
And the secret I found? We choose our friends. We accept their failures and their faults, because we can learn from them. We rejoice with them over their successes and triumphs. We met them once, and there were instant liking. We spoke not many times (or a lot!), we did small things for each other and thus the friendship grew. We do not have to see each other everyday. It is enough to know - your friend is somewhere out there. A telephone call away, a click away on Face book or email (modern technology!). We do not have to agree with them on anything or everything! But their advise is important and we shall take heed.
I dedicate this posting to my very special friends - friends who listen when I tell them something insignificant on the telephone and they advise or warn, friends who say "you will not get rid of me", which is good to hear sometimes when we feel lonely, friends who ask for help in organising a tea party, which makes you feel wanted and if you have something to offer, friends who are just there, always. Friends who listen to all your idealistic schemes and plans for the future - when both of you well know how farfetched it is, friends who listen to your boring stories about mundane things in your life and are interested still! Friends who do small things like emaling you a link because they know you would love the pictures to be found there.
Aristotle once answered when asked what is a friend, that it is two souls inhabiting one body.
Appreciate your friends, cherish them and enjoy them, each one in his or her own special way. They are the gold in your pocket, when there is nothing else left. Have a nice day dear Reader.

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