Prince I am not ...

The famous English dramatist Thomas Dekker said (The Shoemaker's Holiday - 1600): "Prince I am not, yet I am nobly born."

Not everybody can be famous or of aristocratic descend. And it is sad that many times people who are famous and of aristocratic descend set a bad example. In South Africa we had, in the past year, celebrities who lived double lives - like the old medieval clowns. One face (the angel-face) turned to the public (and their wives, I might add!) and another to their dark private lives (the face of decadence, indulgence, dishonesty and selfishness).

The American Indians have a saying: Never judge the other man unless you have walked a mile in his shoes. Very true indeed, therefore I will not judge these celebrities.

But what their conduct (and others like them the world over!) has made me realise, again, is this: God gave to each of His children. Why not simply be thankful for what you have received and stop desiring what you cannot have, and will never have. Many times when we have a bad day we wish that we could be famous, rich or have what so-and-so have etcetera.

You know what? I bet you they sometimes wish that they could have what I have. I have a loving and adoring husband who respects and loves me, I have a large, beautiful house, healthy pets, a fairy garden and wild birds who imagine themselves my pets. I have beautiful horses with personalities to match, wonderful friends, each worth his weight in gold, I am healthy, I have a job I thoroughly enjoy, enough food to eat (always too much) and so I can go on for ever.

I can see and hear and taste God's wonderful creation. And I know God and what he would want me to do in each situation. How many people have this knowledge and certainty in their lives?

My very dear reader, be thankful for your wonderful life! Look at the newly grown strawberries and the woodpeckers pecking away to build their homes. Listen to the rain and see God's hand in the rolling clouds. Taste the cinnamon on your pancakes and the zesty lemon in your homemade lemonade. And be thankful for each and every gift you have received. It is only by the grace of God. Do not be baboon and throw it all away in a moment's darkness.

Have a wonderful day.

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