An old saying. But yesterday evening I just realised how true it is. I love to travel to far-off and exotic destinations, never to find myself, but to experience the adventure of seeing and experiencing new things, tastes, views and scenery.
I watched the movie "EAT PRAY LOVE" yesterday evening. The main character travels to India, Bali and Italy to "find herself" to "balance her life". In order to do that she seeks out guru's and so forth. At least in the beginning of the movie she tries to pray to God, once....
And I realised. My life has been a journey. God has held me in the cradle of his hand my whole life, protecting me and steering me according to His plan for my life. We need not go to extremes in order to balance our life and find peace.
It is actually quite simple. All you need to do is trust in Him and relax. He will make sure that everything goes to plan. It may not be your plan, but you can relax, knowing that it does not matter what you do, that is His plan for you and you can do it the easy way or the hard way!
It is not easy to write this down, because many times I am stubborn and above all else a control freak, but even worse, I do not possess that virtue called patience! And this weekend I just realised the truth of another old saying - patience is a virtue. All good things come to those who wait. So wait I shall, with effort - and in the meantime I will eat, pray and love, until I know the way He has chosen for me.
Have a wonderful day dear reader.

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