No more twist!

Beatrix Potter once wrote in the Tailor of Gloucester (1903) that "I am worn to a raveling ... I am undone and worn to a thread-paper, for I have NO MORE TWIST." And when I sit here writing tonight, after a long absence, I feel the same. The same .... worn thin and without twist.
I have been extremely busy this past year - and then someone (I do not even know!) in passing remarked that maybe I should manage my time better! And then I thought - but I am managing my time and I am still at a complete loss. There is just so much to do and so little time in a day!
And then I look at the picture above (which I took last year at Cape S.t Francis in South Africa) - and this bird is sitting there as if the whole world belongs to him (her?) unperturbed by the wild waves breaking at his feet, laughingly splashing him in white spray. Unperturbed ....
And the answer came to me - do what you can, when you can to the best of your ability. Anything more will result in chaos (which according to an old student friend of mine is not so bad, because chaos is another form of order - if you want to be philosophical!). Today I had a horrific day because my patience gave out and I shouted at at least two people. The result - I feel horrible and did not get so much done as I could have.
We, as people, must start to realise that the world does not belong to us, but us to the world. We were put here for a purpose and many times we simply ignore our purpose and fight our way open to meet our own ends. The way of the world ...
In stead nature sits unperturbed, doing what she can, when she can to the best of her ability and everything proceeds as normal ... As soon as we interfere - chaos!
Dear Reader, thank you for your patience and for the many requests I had inquiring when I will write again. I want to say welcome back, but it is not you who were gone, but me ... I will leave by saying, hallo. Have a wonderful day.


Emon said...

Thank you for sharing this, reminds me of the simple truth that a vast majority of folks in today's world are caught up in seeking that the do not see that all the look for is in their giving... The other thing that I wish to allude here is that many also are unawre of thieir purpose for being here and as such get caught up in fruitless activities, if a person's destination is unknown to him then any raod is the right way and will get him to that unknown. Let us continue to take things a step at a time but in the process remember that our ultimate role is to be God's example, the benchmark model.
Thank you

The Sunflower and Ladybird Company said...

Good day Emon. Thank you for the comment. I went back to this particular posting after I read your comment and was forced to a standstill, again! Thank you for reminding me again. I hope that you will have a wonderful day. Sunflower.