Sometimes we forget what life is about, what is our purpose and what we initially set out to do. This picture is a gift I gave to someone, and when I saw the picture this morning, I realised that I forgot what my blog was all about - cupcakes and sunflowers and ladybirds and all things nice. And I immediately uploaded the picture.

Yes, bad things, awful things do happen in the world! Sad things happen to good people and vice versa but this last week I just again realised something. Life is about the choices you make. I make a choice to try and be a good Christian, and do my best to make the rest of my choices in line with that.

Two people close to me has been diagnosed with cancer the past month. And I was upset (to put it euphemistically!) And I was more upset than they! They were positive, and grabbed life with both hands and both came through it with flying colors. Wow!

Which brings me back to cupcakes and sunflowers and ladybirds.

Who can ever resist a cupcake? I cannot! Sometimes you see a cupcake that looks just to delectable to eat - and when you take the first bite it does not taste as good as it looked. But hey, do you stop eating it? Life is like a cupcake. Sometimes it looks better than it is. Other times it is much much better than it looks!

The French believe that when you are troubled and a ladybird sits on you, it will take away all your troubles when it flies away. How can you doubt that? It is a good thing to believe in!

And the way sunflowers lifts their pretty yellow heads to the sun - almost as if they are worshipping the Lord of the Sun - why do we not more times turn our heads to the sun and thank God for all the wonderful things He gives us - without us asking for it or even deserving it?

Dear Reader - eat a cupcake, pick a sunflower and look for a ladybird in everyday life. I wish you all a happy and wonderful day!

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