The Power of a Candle's Flame

I own a real kitsch glass and cast iron candle holder. Fake crystals are attached to the cast iron protrusions. I hide this monstrosity in my personal bathroom - so it will offend no-one and I can secretly enjoy it.

Then one evening, while soaking in the bath and staring at this object (with candles lit in it) I realised something. The fake crystals come to live when the light of the candles gently caress it and the monstrosity turns into a fairytale object with many possibilities.

Then I had to place candles in our church for a special event. I took all my candles and candle holders to church on that evening - the monstrosity(which I now thought of as a fairytale candle holder) was put right in front of the little church building - where everyone could see it when they walked in and sat down. And there it stood, proud to be the centre of attention and doing its job magnificently - not once was I ashamed of this candle holder. And I realised that with a bit of attention and creative efforts I can utilise this decor item for many things!

And then it hit me. So many times there are people who hide themselves away because of constant negative criticism, because they feel that they are not good enough, that they are not important to anyone or because of emotional and / or physical abuse that they are monstrositiesto be hidden away - so as not to offend the rest of the world! And I was sad.

Have you ever noticed how only one candle can light up a room?

Please look around you and find these empty candle holders - light candles in them by lavishing attention on them, place them in an important spot and see how they will shine. I promise you - Jesus will see these good deeds.

Dear Reader, if you are one of these candle holders who needs attention to shine - be sure, to Jesus you are of the utmost importance - seek guidance from Him and in no time at all your candle will burn brightly and what was once fake crystals dangling from your cast iron arms and legs will come alive with His word. You will light the world with your candle flame. It is possible.

Be a candle of hope and positive spirits in today's world of negativity, sadness, neglect and economic recessions.

Have a nice day my Dear Reader.


Linda S. Socha said...

What a lovely powerful and inspiring post. I loved the expressions . I am a candle person and I truly believe that placing a light in the darkness...even one...can make all the difference
Hugs and thanks

The Sunflower and Ladybird Company said...

Dear Linda you are tonic to my soul! And be assured that you are an exquisite candleholder with not only one but several candles sparkling in the dark world. Have a nice day!