Naturam expelles furca, tamen usque recurret.

The Latin heading, directly translated means: "You may drive out nature with a pitchfork, yet she'll be constantly running back." [Horace] My question is: For how long will Mother Nature be this insistent?

I am a member of Greenpeace International. Today I received an email requesting us to post love letters to the future. The one hundred best letters will be placed in a time capsule and read in one hundred years. And that made me think. What will the world be like in one hundred years, keeping in mind pollution and destruction and wars. Will it be like that horrid science fiction movies? All bleak and grey and sad?

Everybody knows that Mother Nature can take only so much - yet most of us shrug and go about our lives as before. Who of you still throw away used batteries with your other trash? WHY???It is destroying our Earth! Due to development (what a terrible concept this must be for Mother Nature!) the Koala bears in Nieu Zealand is facing extinction, the tigers of India faces extinction and the rain forests of South America and Africa are almost extinct together with all their inhabitants!

All we have left of yesterday is memories. Today we face with a smile and devil may care attitude and where does that leave tomorrow? Bleak and gray and destroyed? Devoid of any green, any delicate flower, any precious animal, any blue sky?

Think before you act. Think who will pick up your used cigarette butt, who will remove the tin can from the ground where you left it after you enjoyed the soft drink, what does plastic do to your environment?

Plant a tree, eat a freshly picked strawberry, stroke a dog (or any animal for that matter, excluding people who act like animals!), lie on your back on the sweet smelling grass and look at the stars, sit near the sweet peas on a warm summer's afternoon and smell their wonderful scent! Listen to the frogs singing after the rain, the birds early in the morning and watch the slow progress of a snail - leaving behind his silver trail - and imagine a world without them.

The world is the snail's silver trail - tomorrow it will not be there anymore ...

Be a responsible citizen of the world. Appreciate what has been given and treasure it while you are here - and remember today is all you have to make a difference!


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